... was Chester's radio

What was Deva Radio?

Deva radio was a community radio station estabilished in Chester in the 1990s. The radio station was formed in 1993 when a group of radio enthusiasts decided that rather than just moaning about the lack of a local radio station, they would do something about it.

Deva radio broadcast twice to the city of Chester: once in the summer of 1994 on 1602AM and again in the summer of 1996 on 105.4FM. Each time the station was on air for around 28 days and provided a mix of community information, local news and great music through Restricted Service Licence (RSL) broadcast.

Deva Radio is Chester's radio.

In the late 90s, the Radio Authority announced new licenses for Chester, resulting in Dee 106.3 going on air in March 2003. We like to think that Deva radio led the way to show that local radio for Chester was viable.

This website pays homage to Deva Radio and archives the orignal websites from 1996 (when on air) and 1997 (working towards getting one of the Radio Authority SALLIE licenses). These links open in separate windows. The sites look like they were created in the 1990s, but we've kept them as close to orignal as possible. As these sites are many years old, the external links and e-mail addresses may not work, however these have not been fixed or removed.

Deva radio launch in 1996

When Deva radio went on air in August 1996, the first 10mins of the broadcast was pre-recorded and broadcast on UCB, aswell as Deva radio, thanks to Brian Lincoln. You can listen to this launch below.

If you were involved with Deva radio, or listened to it, you may be interested in our jingle archive here.